Speedy decisioning with our market-leading auto-accept system


Navigate is our application routing and auto-decisioning protocol which sends those proposals that fit a funder’s underwriting criteria directly to the funder, any time of the day or week, without the need for human intervention.


By combining the data insights of E-Score Predict and the funder product rules, over 40% of all proposals we receive are auto-routed.


This frees up our underwriters to spend more time on the difficult proposals that require a manual underwrite.


Our systems benefit from a two-way XML that generates auto-acceptances with six of our prime funders.

This means that you, the dealer, can propose via DealerZone and recieve an instant (within 30 seconds) acceptance, along with online documentation or e-Sign functionality.

  • Auto-acceptance with 6 prime funders
  • Auto-populating of documents for instant showroom sign-ups
  • Auto-routing to all prime and rate for risk funders, speeding up decisions to dealers and customers
  • Frees up underwriter’s time to concentrate on proposals that require manual intervention