My Car Dealer

Matching your Rate for Risk customer’s terms and conditions against your stocklist, automatically.


My Car Dealer takes your accepted Rate for Risk customers and matches their acceptance terms and conditions against your stock list, automatically producing a selection of cars specifically for that customer.



Enter customer net take home pay, deposit and part exchange.



My Car Dealer filters and presents only eligible cars from the dealer’s stock feed for that specific customer and funder.



Each car is displayed and sorted with the customer’s actual monthly payment and maximum lend that the funder will provide on that vehicle.

My Car Dealer nearly doubles rate for risk conversion on average from 26% to 48%.

Fast and accurate way to reselect cars for rate for risk customers

Sales team can stack deals accurately to ensure profit opportunities are not missed

Significantly increases near and non-prime car sales

Great tool for sales managers to identify the right stock for your sales team to present to the customer