Internal Support Teams

Our exemplary and award-winning levels of service would not be possible without a dedicated, skilled and highly focused internal support team.

New Business

Incorporating both Sales Support and Underwriting, the New Business team are the first point of contact for dealers, customers, account managers and funders.

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Being key facilitators in our process, the New Business team ensure the smooth processing of applications from initial proposal to final payout.

This team of over 30 specialists deliver a marketing-leading service daily to both our partners and their customers. From effectively processing requests and solving problems through to delivering on our exceptional high standards of underwriting, they will always be looking for ways to improve an already high performing team.

Sales Support

  • 10000+ calls per month processed
  • 88% amends actioned in less than 15 minutes (24/7) to date
  • 67% amends reaccepted in less than 30 minutes
  • 4500 document packs on average uploaded per month
  • 76% document packs uploaded in less than 15 mins


  • Over 10,000 proposals processed per month
  • 90% of proposals underwritten in under 10 minutes
  • 55% of accepts issued in less than 30 minutes
  • 58% of private individual proposals agreed
  • 74% of Limited Company business agreed
  • With the introduction of Auto Decisioning and E-Sign, applications can go from proposed to paid in less than 30 minutes

Key Accounts Support

Working in partnership with our ‘in the field’ Key Accounts Team, our Key Accounts Support Team provide a key interface between customers, Account Managers and all relevant divisions throughout our business.

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Combining experience gathered from within our Underwriting, Payouts, Customer Services and Sales divisions, they provide an ‘on hand, on screen’ support function for our dealer-facing team, with the aim of delivering a dedicated and tailored service for our Top 100 franchised dealerships and their customers.

Tasked with developing, maintaining and nurturing our largest accounts (as well as some of our smaller, more remote customers) our team assist and support, in collaboration with our Account Managers, the development and implementation of strategic sales plans.

Benefiting from an ‘access all areas’ approach, the team provide an ‘on-demand’ service and will liaise on your behalf with customers, internal teams and funders to ensure that your deals are delivered on as quickly and smoothly as possible, with the end goal of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Evolution Extra

Launched to assist dealer partners with catering for customers with an impaired credit history, our specialist team of ‘deal makers’ will look after customers who have been agreed finance on a ‘Rate for Risk’ basis.

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Their key goal will be to deliver the same standard of service and create the same positive experience as that of a prime customer. Using their expert knowledge of the subprime market, our Evolution Extra team will help dealerships sell more cars by clearly understanding their customers’ circumstances and helping them to select the best options in terms of affordability and suitability.

Every customer agreed on subprime terms will be contacted to inform them of the details surrounding their finance agreement. Our team will manage the customer’s expectations about their rate and payments (which may differ from what the dealership has quoted) and they will help the customer to understand why these may be higher than they were expecting.

Our Evolution Extra customers score us an average satisfaction rating of 4.8/5 stars on and 83% say we offer a 5* service, a result the team are proud of considering the potentially contentious circumstances that they work in.


With all customer proofs obtained and checked before the issuing of financial documents, couple with significant reductions in proof of I.D. and proof of affordability snags, 66% of our subprime deals are paid out in under 12 hours (Jan 2017).




“My goal is to break down those historical barriers to doing sub-prime business so that dealers can sell and deliver more cars, whilst also achieving exceptional customer feedback”.

Paul Hibbert, Director of Rate for Risk

Customer Service

This experienced and time-served team is divided between two functions: Customer Service and Complaints.

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The team has a wealth of experience and is highly skilled at putting customers at ease, even through the most difficult of circumstances.

At all times maintaining a philosophy of Treating Customers Fairly, our Customer Service team, supported in some areas by our Treasury Team, deal with a broad range of tasks, including:

  • Processing monthly commission statements and dealer payments
  • Handling queries relating to commissions and payments
  • Setting up and monitoring loan agreements with Evolution Loans
  • Resolution of late payments and implementation of payment plans
  • Generation of settlement figures
  • Insurance-related issues such as asset write-off and surrendering of vehicles

Our specialist Complaints team are on-hand to assist customers, dealers and funders with any disputes they may have.

With a keen understanding of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and all of our regulatory procedures, their main aim will be to reach a fair and reasonable resolution for all parties.

For more complex issues, they have the support of our two in-house solicitors who can advise on legal implications and best practice.


Crucial to delivering on our reputation for paying out deals quickly and efficiently, our Payouts team handles the final stage of the finance agreement process.

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With up to 3000 deals to pay out a month, their aim is to deliver a streamlined, error-free and FCA-compliant payout service.

They will begin by ensuring that all documents comply with a specific funder’s requirements. They check for inaccuracies, fraud and complete security checks with the customer, including confirming that the customer understands the agreement and can afford the payments.

Not only does our team have years of experience and knowledge of handling finance documentation but they are supported by our technology systems, which hold all the information and requirements for our panel of lenders.

This unique paperless system enables dealers to upload paperwork directly to our Payouts team, who then have a direct link to the funders own portal once documentation has been checked.

This process offers stability and peace of mind throughout the life of the agreement and the relationships and trust that our Payouts team have built with our lenders enables them to work collaboratively to achieve the best possible turnaround times.

STATS (Oct 2016):

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“Our main goal is to ensure the journey of the payout is fast, reliable and hassle-free, aiming to get deals paid out as quickly and efficiently as possible so our dealers can release their vehicles confidently.”

Lucy Hannant, Payouts Manager